What is MYMissions?

MYMissions is for teenagers.  At MYMissions we want to help students become stronger in their walk with God, strengthen their leadership and ministry skills, and give opportunities to serve through local and international ministry experiences.


MYMissions includes 4-6 training days before the team heads out on a missions trip. Training happens at Camp Evangeline. During training, MYMissions leaders and students experience spiritual development, team-building activities, leadership training, workshops, and excursions. During the ministry trip, students participate in a variety of activities with the goal of helping a local church move forward in its vision and impact for their community.


At the bottom of this page are some frequently asked questions - please take the time to go through them to learn more about the MYMissions program. If you still have questions, message Pastor Rebecca.

2019 Event Details



Camp Evangeline

309 East Folly Mountain Rd.

Debert, NS

Ministry Site

Bathurst, NB


June 30 - July 13


*Training and orientation begins at 5pm on Sunday, June 30. Supper is not provided. The team will travel to Bathurst after lunch on Saturday, July 6.


*Students will receive a detailed 'What to Bring' list. 


Application Fee: $50

Level 1: $225

Application deadline is June 1, 2019

*cost includes all food, accommodation, activities, and travel to and from the ministry locations. Participants need to bring spending money. Full payment schedule details will be provided.

Ministry Location

LEVEL 1 - Bathurst, NB

Prayer Walk. Yarmouth, NS, 2019

2019 MYMissions Team

We value serving and supporting local churches who are passionate about reaching their communities. That's why we partner every year with a Maritime church for our Level 1 experience. This year's Level 1 trip will be in Bathurst, NB! It’s going to be a fantastic week, and we're confident students will be excited about the opportunities to serve in that region through community and youth events.

Common Questions

Q: How does MYMissions work?

A:  Students complete a week of training and ministry prep followed by a week-long missions trip serving some of our local district churches.


Q: Do I have to do Level 1 before Level 2?

A: Yes, unless you have completed Level 1 in previous years and are 14 and have completed Grade 9. There's more about our age policy below.


Q: Will I miss out on Youth Camp if I participate in MYMissions?

A: While Youth Camp and MYMissions Level 1 are two separate events they do happen at the same time. MYMissions does participate in some of the Youth Camp services, and prayer times. It really depends on the MYMissions schedule, which varies year to year.


Q: What about Level 2, the international trip?

A: There isn't a Level 2 experience in 2019. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates about 2020 though!


Q: What are the costs? And what’s included?

A: The cost for Level 1 is $225. This includes to 6 days of training at Camp Evangeline, and a one-week missions trip, meals and accommodations, training materials, t-shirt, transportation to/from ministry sites, and ministry supplies. There is also a $50 application fee. The application fee is refunded if for some reason you aren't accepted.


Q: What are the dates for MYMissions 2019? When is money due?

A: When you're accepted, more details will be provided about how to make payments, fundraising options, etc.

  • June 1 - Application Deadline (includes $50 application payment)

  • June 4 - This is the deadline for our leaders to let students know if they've been accepted.

  • June 11 - Level 1 costs due ($225)

  • June 30 - July 6 - Level 1 Training at Camp Evangeline

  • July 6-13 - Level 1 Ministry Trip in Bathurst, NB


Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: During training, students stay in cabins at Camp Evangeline with other MYMissions students. During our ministry trip, the church provides accommodations for our students and leaders. This could be in billets, at the church, or a combination of the two. More information about accommodation is provided closer to the trip.


Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Yes, there is. Here is the Maritime District age policy for MYMissions: "In order for a student to attend Level 1 (Local) they must be at least 13 years old by the start of MYMissions or have completed the grade seven school year. For a student to participate in Level 2 (International) they must be at least 14 years old or have completed grade nine. Persons older than 18 years old by the start of Level 1 cannot attend MYMissions as students."


Q: Do I really have to give up my cell phone for two weeks?

A: Yes, but it's completely doable! Every year students comment that although they thought it would be difficult to be without their phone for an extended period of time, not having it with them helped them focus on the experience, and make some great new friends. There is a team phone that students are welcomed to use to call parents, or they ask to use a leader's phone at any time. Parents will be given phone numbers for the leaders and additional emergency numbers in case a leader can't be reached. 

Q: How am I going to wake up in the morning without the alarm clock on my phone?

A: Come prepared! Bring an alarm clock for the mornings, if taking pictures is important to you, bring a camera, etc. If you want to listen to music, bring a device preloaded with music that doesn't connect to the internet. We'll send you a full list of things to bring! 


Q: What else is required from students?

A:  Once your initial application is received, we’ll send you some additional information and directions. Payments need to be made on time or it may result in a student not being able to participate. Most important is for a student to be willing to learn and be part of our team! 


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